Thursday, December 10, 2009

A requiem for a sewing machine pedal.

Funny how some small thing going wrong can throw off your whole game.

I've had custody of my mother's 1980's era Bernina sewing machine, and it works fine.  However, the plastic seems to be growing brittle.  A short drop to the floor resulted in the shattering of a bunch of annoyingly small plastic pieces responsible for the hinge mechanism working.  And now, I cannot sew.  I thought "how much could a replacement possibly be on Ebay?"  Turns out, something like $143.  Looks like I'm relegated to hand-sewing the remaining Christmas gifts.  Not the end of the world, just discouraging.

I hauled my sopping self to New Haven yesterday to work, battling wind, rain, the repulsive toilet-smell of Metro North, and ankle-deep slush in the city of my destination.  For my troubles, I now have a whopping cold.  This is NOT part of the plan.

In cheerier news, I finally finished the third of three samplers I'm giving cousins as Christmas gifts.  They're all wrapped in festive paper, packed snugly in baby hand-me-downs, and sealed in a big cardboard box, ready to mail.  Thank God... that took a long time.  I'm now slogging my way through my wedding album.  I can only knock out a couple of pages a day (hey, the glue has to dry!) but at this rate I still think I'll be ready in time for Christmas.  I think.

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