Saturday, December 19, 2009

Mod Podge rides again...

My folks are true travelers and lovers of all things international.  When trying to think up a good anniversary gift for them, I thought of putting to use all the millions of postage stamps I've got from different countries (courtesy of my own collecting and Jeanne, my connection in the admissions department).  The result?  With the use of a foam wreath form with a plywood backing, some heavy duty craft glue and the oh-so-excellently named Mod Podge (a clear-drying glossy glue originally manufactured in the 1960s for making découpage), I now have the lovely wreath above.  I will adorn it with a blue silk wired ribbon (not sure how) and plan to emblazon the word "PEACE" or "PEACE ON EARTH" upon it.  I need to do a little bow research first.  Martha?

The wedding scrapbook project continues at a breakneck pace.  I have gone from 2 pages a day to about 10, and have gotten as far as the after-dinner speeches.  To follow:  dancing, cake cutting, and candids, and that's it!  Hope to finish tomorrow... then on to recycled sweater scarves, two MORE wedding scrapbooks, a puppet theatre for the boy, and a play stove.  Somewhere in there I need to lay hands on some stocking stuffers and finish all this @#$% embroidery!!!  Ugh...  I think I've gotten myself into a craft sinkhole.

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