Friday, December 11, 2009

Modern technology be damned... we're going OLD SCHOOL.

I have given up lamenting the demise of my sewing machine pedal.  This evening I hand-sewed the above-pictured hat, mittens and scarf (monogrammed with snazzy rhinestone detail moreover) for my son's Christmas party at school (he was asked to bring a gift for Fabiana, hence the F).  I was amazed that it did not take longer... I guess all that embroidery practice pays off.

Tomorrow I launch into full-on Middle Eastern mode and begin preparations for a brunch on Sunday.  Cooking for two old friends (meaning I've known them for ages--they are my age) and their husbands and kids.  There will be two rabbis among the gathered and at least four people who keep Kosher, so to avoid any meat or milk I'm going with vegetarian Lebanese/Turkish/Moroccan food courtesy of my (fabulous) new cookbook, Arabesque, by Claudia Roden.  On the menu (and all homemade):

Tabbouleh (bulghur wheat and parsley salad)
Slada Batata Bil Zaytoun (potato and olive salad)
Jazar Bil Na'na (carrots with garlic and mint)
Slata Bortokal Bil Zaytoun (orange, olive and onion salad)
Cacik (cucumber and yogurt)
Batinjan Bil Rumman (eggplant with pomegranate molasses)
Sambousek Bi Jibne (puff pastry cheese pies)
Apple and Cranberry Cobbler (hey, gotta make a few concessions to the kids)

Hmm... come to think of it, that looks like a lot of work.  But at least everything except the cobbler and pies can be made beforehand and is supposed to be served cold.  I predict a long-but-satisfying Saturday, punctuated with a trip to see Leeny & Tamara (or, as my son calls them, The Ladybugs) live in concert.

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