Monday, November 30, 2009

The Texas Change Purse Massacre

Tonight, I commence my assault on the summit.  At the risk of spoiling the surprise for my female relatives, I have planned to make some Christmas presents...a suite of purse accessories, including a pocket Kleenex holder, a change purse, and a makeup bag.  I am attempting to embroider the recipients' initials on each piece.  Tonight I cadged patterns from various websites (shout out to, made templates, cut the pieces of fabric and fusible interfacing with my oh-so-sexy self-healing mat and rotary cutter.  Have attached the interfacing to the flimsier of my fabric choices, culled from my admittedly excessive collection of fabrics I have hoarded and schlepped around with me for (in some cases) decades.  Have attempted to scrawl the initials on the various pieces using several highly unsuitable writing instruments (where's a slightly-more-dextrous-than-normal hamster when you need one?).  Plan to embroider on the commute tomorrow.

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