Monday, November 30, 2009

Fall garden wrap-up...

It is a balmy 50 degrees here and actual cold weather is nowhere in sight.  Seems to me I should wait to plant my bulbs until the weather is consistently chilly... otherwise they might sprout prematurely and suffer through the winter.  Or is that a bunch of malarkey?  My free sample bulbs, courtesy of Breck's, wait in the closet, although the iris bulbs are seeming a little wan and crunchy.  The lady fern seeds/spores/whatever are also looking a tad dusty, but we'll hope for the best.  I'll be interested to see which bulbs from last year make an appearance.  The perennials came back like champs, and the rhododendron showed signs of life.  Watching everything slowly disintegrate from my third story window.  In two weeks I can go dispose of the ravages of last summer's beauty.  Then it's Christmas lights.

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