Sunday, January 3, 2010

And we're back... Holiday Craft Wrap-Up

Well, as any sensible adult would probably concur, it wasn't an entirely merry Christmas from the human-relationship point of view, but I'd say that where engaging craft projects were concerned, it was a banner year altogether!

Chief among my favorite new discoveries were embroidery, making new stuff out of old sweaters (the photo at the left shows my father demonstrating his new scarf!), decorating cookies with royal icing, and rediscovering the joys of d√©coupage.  I'm looking forward to making more stuff along those lines.

In the new year (with my new sewing machine... sigh!) I am going to get serious about dressmaking.  I have had some really lovely wool crepe in deep teal blue, and another batch in deep plum, and I mean to make myself a couple of work-friendly dresses.  This will involve learning two skills I have always avoided (namely setting in sleeves and learning how to line... shudder), and how to alter patterns for better fit.

I'm not quite ready to tackle upholstery, but some day I can envision getting into it.

Now it's time to think about starting seeds for next spring!  We failed completely last year.  Between cold drafts and inadequate sunlight indoors, I wound up with pale, leggy sproutlings that the cats stomped all over and killed anyhow.  This year I may have to invest in a gro-light and see what happens.

My real experiment this spring, however, involves getting fit.

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  1. Hope the Holiday was not too traumatic. . . .

    On the fit train here as well. . . . . the brother-in-law gave me a personal trainer. . . . . well. . . . time with one. . . .

    Should be a sweaty, horrible, painful, awful Spring. . . . Lovely!

    Cheers to you and Yours for a great 2010 from Rochester!